Kaboommm! "It Takes Two Flints to Make a Fire!"

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

I stopped believing in coincidences a long time ago. I do believe (strongly) that everything in our lives happens for a reason. I also believe that there is nothing more powerful than the power of relationships.

So, here’s a little story for your Thursday morning. This Spring, one of my dearest friends and coaching colleagues told me about a new collaborative working space...the Co-Co in New Jersey.  A space where creative programming and powerful connections were happening.

I was curious. A collaborative space for #Jerseygirls to connect. And this opportunity aligned with my 2020 goal to REACH in my business.

I signed up for a virtual-membership special when COVID hit and the networking began. A co-founder reached out to me and recommended that I connect with Christina Langdon...a #forceofnature...

Christina was receptive to a meeting and the research began. I learned everything I could about Christina before our call.  I can only say that I was blown away. As Christina says, she is “perfectly perfect on paper.” Christina’s career path is nothing less than massively impressive.

My own “imposter syndrome” kicked in before our call. But within moments, I knew in my gut that this was the start of a special relationship. Christina and I committed to learning more about each other. And to remain open to opportunities for partnership.

Our virtual relationship grew. We realized that we grew up about 15 minutes from each other. We learned that we both came from long-lines of fierce women. And we were both over fifty building our businesses.

The opportunity to work together came to fruition this summer. We "signed" our first client and decided to formalize our partnership.

Since our first call, we've leaned into the magic of building a powerful partnership.

We are both passionately committed to igniting potential in people and organizations.

I love this quote...

"It takes two flints to make a fire." – Louisa May Alcott

I am so excited to introduce you to my new partner Christina Langdon. She will be a critical partner in building the LEAD IT niche at Think Good.

We can’t wait to ignite the fire of potential and possibility in people and organizations.

Here’s more about Christina:

Christina helps executives and leaders find their edge to extraordinary by discovering the intersection of possibility and positive change for them to create the work, business, and life they want.

After 30 years running sales and marketing teams at brands including Martha Stewart Living and Fast Company, she now helps people and businesses achieve more than they thought possible. She is known for strengthening and sharpening teams and talent. Christina is a transparent thinker who brings the toughest challenges the acumen and insight to uncover ‘What’s possible’ and create the roadmap to possible.

Christina is certified in EQi-2 Emotional Intelligence and her ACC coach certification is pending through ICF’s the Get Real: Leadership & Corporate Coach Training program. She is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where she earned a degree in Communications. She lives in Summit, NJ, with her husband. Christina is on the board of the Connie Dwyer Breast Cancer Foundation.

In everything she does, she is passionate, positive and real.

Please join me in welcoming Christina to The Think Good Company. For more information about us check out www.thethinkgoodcompany.com



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