lead IT!


lead IT!


vip 1:1 COACHING

An extraordinary one on one coaching experience designed to support you in igniting your leadership potential 

When you want to build your leadership voice... I’m here to be your “ride or die” partner.

Imagine what you could do with your own personal coach, cheerleader, and mentor by your side? Someone who will challenge you to think differently about success, courage and leading courageously?  

My 1:1 coaching sessions are designed for us to do the “heavy lifting” together. Here’s how it works: 

  •  It starts with the “WHY”? We’ll get clarity on what you want out of the coaching process. 
  • We’ll get a pulse on your current mindset with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) 
  • You’ll identify your core values and create your personal mission statement.
  • We’ll do the digging around what’s challenges are getting in your way of leading courageously. We’ll explore what it means to #thinkdifferently
  • We’ll customize an action plan for igniting your leadership potential

As an iPEC certified coach, I’m trained in helping my clients:

  • Raise their energy levels;
  • Become more aware of their actions and choices
  • Ignite potential;

Additional leadership coaching certifications:

  • The Leadership Challenge
  • Whole Brain Thinking with the HBDI


As a leader in your organization, you have many critical working relationships – your boss, your direct reports, or a board chair.  It’s no secret that the quality of your working relationships can make – or break – your organization’s success, as well as the quality of your own work life.  

Whether your working relationships are strong or are struggling, you can make them and your organization more resilient and more effective.  

What if, together, as an executive team, you could…  

· Create clear vision and expectations of your work  

· Gain clarity in your roles and responsibilities  

· Feel supported, understood and empowered as a team  

· Resolve friction and have more open and productive communication  

· Do the jobs you were hired to do with confidence


Familiarity, Comfort and Trust (FCT) is the core of coaching at The Think Good Company.  Pairs coaching focuses on the dynamics of “key pairs ”in an organization. A key pair is two executives who work closely together.  The power of robust relationships built on effective communication can not be underestimated. Pairs coaching provides a unique structure for important conversations.  When Is Pairs Coaching Most Effective:Accelerating new or key relationshipsTransforming difficult relationshipsIn supporting a co-leadership dynamic


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