The Value of Group Coaching

One of the greatest joys of starting Think Good Leadership has been coaching leaders. I've had the opportunity to do lots of one-on-one work with high potential individuals. Our work generally begins with utilizing a leadership assessment. As a certified coach of The Leadership Challenge, I love offering my clients the leadership assessment tool, LPI360. This 360 provides insight into the actual practice of specific leadership behaviors. We use it as a starting place for our coaching and it provides the client great insight into areas for growth.


One-on-one coaching is intensive. We work together for an extended period of time and work on specific challenges. It's usually face to face. It requires a moderate financial investment from the individual or the organization.


I decided six months again to add group coaching to my portfolio of services. Here's why I felt it was so necessary to offer virtual group coaching.


  • Anyone can access virtual group coaching from anywhere. This year, we will be utilizing a brand new platform called "Circles". This program was specifically designed for team engagement, meaningful conversation and impact. It has a really cool interface that will connect participants in unique ways.


  • There are unique opportunities for personal growth when sharing challenges with others. Each week, we have a discussion topic that will guide the conversation. As the facilitator, my job is to introduce the topic and to engage participants. Group coaching encourages participants to share their particular challenges around topics in a safe and supportive environment.


  • Group coaching promotes personal accountability. Members are accountable to each other. They need to show up and be present. They need to practice their listening skills. They need to complete follow-up work and be willing to share their learnings with others.

The first Synergy Circle Leadership Circle happened in the summer of 2018. It was a fabulous experience. Here is some of the feedback from program participants:


"It was really great to spend time talking through situations with leaders from other organizations. It helped me gain insight and self-reflect."


"I enjoyed having a place to go to be able to openly and confidentially, share struggles and challenges with a group of like-minded colleagues. who were there to provide support and suggestions."

"The Synergy Leadership Circle was a great opportunity to have discussions and gain insight from other non-profit leaders. It provided an opportunity I may not have had otherwise. It was a great group and I believe we all trusted one another and were open about current situations. It allowed for all of us to feel more confident in our day-to-day work environments."


When participants bond, feel accountable to peers, contribute and actually want to show up, magic happens! Being part of Synergy Leadership Circle provides leaders with unique opportunities for connection. It's the place where leadership skills meet leadership mindset. I call this Leadership Confidence Quotient or LPQ. By building LPQ, leaders see their personal effectiveness skyrocket and their impact soar.

To learn more and register for the Spring 2019 Synergy Leadership Coaching Circle for NextGen leaders visit






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